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No Joining Fees. No Annual Fees.

Featured Programs

At Robin Morgan Studios we are all about YOU! We want you to have an amazing experience from the minute you walk in the door.

We believe your health & fitness go far beyond your physical appearance. The number on the scale does not get you to where you want to be. That journey should come from a place of purpose. A reason that is so intrinsic to you that it pulls you towards it.


What is your “WHY”?

Group Fitness

In our large Group Fitness Studio, choose from low impact classes that include Group Fight, Barre Above, Group Power and a variety of Yoga classes.

small Group Training

Our wide-open Training Studio will feature rotating programming that will change every 4-6 weeks. In small groups of 12 or less you will have the opportunity to learn how to become more flexible, strengthen your back, build your booty, hit & kick things and swing a mean kettlebell.

Indoor Cycling

In our intimate Cycling Studio, you will take your sweat & your breath to new levels. Your mind will soon crave the powerful feeling that comes after riding 45 minutes side by side with others, surrounded by colourful lights, loud music and a guided kick-ass journey.

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